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Dakota Messenger Bag

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DAKOTA combines the style of a shoulder bag with the space of a tote bag. Inside it has two extra pouches, a pen holder and a key band with karabiner. This bag is big enough for A4 documents, tablets and notebooks, or for spontaneous shopping tours! The coloured zipper is an eye-catcher, grey zippers are available, too. The handles are made of thick leather, the shoulder strap (length ca. 100 cm) can be taken off. 

Size      38 x 34 x 12 cm

Leather Handles
Leather 20mm, colours: black, dark brown, grey

What is Zell.Stoff made of?

It is composed of cellulose and latex, and is produced in Germany. 
Zell.Stoff is 100 % vegan and doesn´t contain Pentachlorphenol, PVC or BPA.

The material has an Ökotex-100-Certifikate, it is not dangerous to health or environment.

The products – unless combined with real leather – are machine washable (60 °). If a bag should stand on wet ground for a while, it won´t get damaged at all. Usually water dries off without leaving stains (unless the water should be dirty).


Our Zell.Stoff is 0.55 mm thick, for smaller items we sometimes use 0.45mm.


The material doesn´t pill or fray. For the latex-share, it is tearproof and water-resistant! That means, it doesn´t dissolve when it gets wet. On the contrary, it becomes even more tearproof when wet, and it is machine washable (up to 60°)  – so don´t be scared, it doesn´t dissolve with water contact! After manufacturing, it has the paper-like, crumpled look, and from use it becomes softer and more leather-like. It is also called “vegan leather” because it has no animal components.


We offer our products in five colours