3/4 Sleeve Carrie Top

$ 54.00

Everyones Favorite Top!

Incredibly flattering; Its flow-y around the mid section without being "pregnant-y"

Made with 100% Organic Cotton by a lovey family in California; a mother and her two daughters. Its also available in a Tank or a "ballet-sleeve" which is basically a perfect combination of the two. Ballet Sleeve (meaning a Half Sleeve) is most peoples ideal sleeve length. Its my 'Go-To' top. 

Regarding available stock, we have been sold out of most color and style ways this year (2020) because of Covid-19. This little family business has shut down production for this year and I've been unable to get any of their merchandise. I hope to have them available for spring/summer 20201. 

Text Lindsay @ 612-385-1701 for specific questions or inquiries.