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Bamboo Wrap Body Suit (Leotard)

$ 42.00

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A "One Size" (fits some) bodysuit that will stay put all day. It's stylish and practical; and the perfect layering piece for those that don't do "sleeveless." 

It has 2 snaps in place at crotch to keep it secure and tucked in. (We highly recommend pairing it with pants or shorts; and absolutely don't recommend wearing it alone, without any other layers of clothing! 😳 🤣 I'n our opinion, it is simply a layering piece. It has a V-neckline with a faux wrap detail at the bodice. But - honestly, … YOU DO YOU! Whatever you feel comfortable and confident wearing, is what you should focus on! 🤩

Material: 51% Bamboo | 21% Cotton | 20% Nylon | 8% Spandex

This product is available in multiple colors; however, to be honest, Black is the only color we generally keep in stock year round…. We should also mention the fact that this item it also available (& lovely) in a wide range of sleeve lengths as well. A Cap Sleeve, 3/4 Sleeve and a Full Length Sleeve are also available to purchase/order. Please Text Lindsay @ 612-385-1701 for further details as to the current availability & color variety.