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Synergistic (Essential Oil) Blends

$ 14.00

Harmony for your Health!

Use in diffusers; put a drop on a tissue and inhale; add drops to a bath or carrier oil. 

100% Pure Essential Oil  //  10 ml (1/3 oz)

Aches & Pains: Use after physical exertion for minor aches and pains. 

Anxiety Release: This is a soothing and relaxing mix that helps promote a sense of inner peace and harmony while easing nervousness, irritability and apprehension. 

Balancing: Calming and grounding.

Breathe Blend: This invigorating and penetrating blend helps support healthy respiratory and immune systems.

Defend Naturally: Antiseptic! Helps disinfect surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom counters. Spray and wipe door knobs and sink handles. Dilute with water, spray onto the palm of your hands and rub together until dry.

Emotional Rescue: An emotionally strengthening synergy to help encourage positive thoughts and an overall feeling of well-being.

Forest Retreat: Promotes a sense of inner strength, security and stability. Encourages meditation.

Frankincense & Myrrh: Promotes feelings of calm and mindfulness.

Hormonal Balance: This blend helps support the reproductive system by helping to relieve some of the minor discomforts associated with menstrual periods and menopause.

Immune Support: Help support a strong immune system. Use in baths, diffusers and inhalations. Dilute in natural lotions or carrier oils and use as a chest rub or for general massage.

Joyful Spirit: Embrace the day with this uplifting and cheerful synergistic blend.

Lavender Garden: A treat for your senses as well as your skin.

Meditative Mood: Slow down, calm down with this peaceful blend.

Mentally Sharp: A stimulating and mentally energizing blend crafted to help improve concentration, reduce mental fatigue and enhance awareness.

Mint & Rosemary: Cool your body and revive the senses

Peaceful Mind: Help minimize emotional burnout.

Refreshing: A cheerfully uplifting blend of pure essential oils. Lift your spirits while refreshing your environment.

Relaxing: A deeply tranquil blend of pure essential oils carefully selected to help calm nervous tension, worry and fear.

Road Rage Relief: Promote mental alertness while calming irritability and diffusing anger.

Self Confidence: Encourage positive thoughts and improve self-esteem.

SerenityEase into a state of grace

Sleepy Time: A wonderful blend designed to help reduce stress and nervous tension and to promote restfulness.

Stress Relief: Use as an aid to cope with the stress of our fast paced lives.

Travel Companion: Truly, a wonderful travel companion! Use on the plane to help curb jet lag. Sponge bathe your body to re-energize. Refreshen a stale room.