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Solmate Adult Socks - Knee Highs

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Perfectly pleasant in every way, the Raspberry Knee Sock is bursting with style and flair! Colors in this sock: turquoise, purple, black, lilac, royal blue. Fits comfortably all calves sizes up to 15".

The Knee High version of the ever-so-popular Carnation sock, with a beautiful array of colors that are too pretty to pass up! Colors in this sock: fuchsia, purple, turquoise, yellow, orange. Fits comfortably all calf sizes up to 15".

With so much allure and a touch of intrigue, the new Midnight Knee Sock is sure to captivate with its bold and fashionable color palette. Colors in this sock: black, white, silver and pewter. Fits comfortably all calf sizes up to 15".

Here comes the sun… September Sun, that is. The newest member of the knee sock tribe is sure to give you all the feels – cozy, artistic and so much fun! Colors in this sock: pear green, chocolate brown, turquoise, burnt orange and cream. Fits comfortably all calf sizes up to 15".

This same lovely color pattern can be found in our crew sock of the same name, as well as our ankle sock called Sweet Pea. Colors in this sock: kelly green, navy blue, pale pink, lime green. Our knee socks comfortly fit all calves sizes up to 15" around.