Victoria 6-sided Zand Skirt

$ 96.00

Six-sided wrapskirt with handy detachable pouch. The long bottom part of the skirt can be unzipped from the belt, creating a medium length skirt. The long bottom part can also be inverted, creating another skirt. In total SIX different skirts can be made! Please look at the photo’s to fully understand how this works. 

Each Skirt is one-of-a-kind, so the picture is just an example! If you just want us to pick one for you, just place your order. If you want pictures of available fabrics texted or emailed to you. 612-385-1701 // lindsay@blupaisley.com


  • Each wrapskirt is one-of-a-kind / unique
  • 100% cotton
  • One size fits size 0 to 14 due to the variable snap fasteners
  • Long and medium skirt in one!
  • Finished in high quality, meaning double seams, thick thread, quality fabrics, robust snap fasteners